Cheaper Telescope product from China

Some branded telescopes which sold in the west (CELESTRON, Orion, etc.) is actually manufactured inĀ  China / Taiwan. Maybe by selling under strong brand, prospective buyers will have more confidence with these brands. So in fact we pay more for insurance of the those brands.

In my opinion, we should not be afraid to try the astronomical product of China because the price is cheaper. Indeed, the greatest obstacle of the of China products is quality control aspect, both optical (lenses, mirrors) and mechanical (focuser, stability, degree of accuracy gear in the holder of the telescope).

For several years these products from China have been developed rapidly, and I see the level of quality is also getting much more steady in comparison with the past. One significant development is that they have successfully produced apochromatic refractor (or in the category of semi-apo) for small refractors a short tube, even with the price is far cheaper than the price of the refractor telescope with the same size which is the production of Western countries.

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